The Charter of Trust is a non-profit alliance of leading global companies and organisations from various sectors, based on 10 principles, working together to make the digital world of tomorrow a safer place.

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Security by Default Webinar: Protect your business using the Secure Development Lifecycle approach
Events / October 19, 2023

Security by Default Webinar: Protect your business using the Secure Development Lifecycle approach

The Charter of Trust’s Principle 3 Taskforce is pleased to invite you to a webinar on Thursday, 19th October 2023 14:00-15:00 CEST

How the can you protect your business using the Secure Development Lifecycle approach in a dynamic regulatory environment and threat landscape?

Join us and discuss with our experts how the Charter of Trust's step-by-step guidelines for the Secure Development Lifecycle can assist you in enhancing cybersecurity through in Security by Default and Security by Design strategies.

The Charter of Trust consists of 10 Principles and this webinar is brought to you by the Charter’s Taskforce on Principle 3 “Security by Default”. Experts in this taskforce work to establish and adopt the highest appropriate level of security and data protection and ensure that it is preconfiguered into the design of products, functionalities, process, technologies, operations, architectures, and business models. We call this our Baseline Requirements: With them in mind, you can ensure confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity within your systems.

In this webinar, you can learn how to bridge the two sets of baseline requirements, first for products, functionalities, and technologies, second for processes, operations, and architecture. It shows you step-by-step how a product or service can be designed integrating baseline security mechanisms. To make this knowledge highly actionable for you, experts from TÜV SÜD, IBM, Atos and our guest from the Cloud Security Alliance will share best practices with insights and examples.
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