The Charter of Trust gathers in Paris for its 2nd Collaboration Week of 2022

Between 28 and 30 June 2022, representatives from Partner companies around the world gathered in Paris for the Charter of Trust’s second Collaboration Week of the year. Principle Taskforces came together with the aim of further building up the strategic priorities of the Charter of Trust, with the Associated Partner Forum also gathering to support those missions.

After over two years of behind-the-screen collaboration, Charter of Trust members have had the opportunity to gather in person in Paris to take stock of the work done since the previous Collaboration Week in February 2022 and set concrete objectives for the coming months leading towards the next Collaboration Week in 2023. Over the course of three days that were filled with working sessions and discussions, Charter of Trust Partners met in taskforces each dedicated to one of the 10 Principles – with the ones active during this Collaboration Week including:

Principle 3 Taskforce “Security by Default”

The Collaboration Week was an opportunity for P3 Members to go forward on the Phase 3 of the taskforce, which aims at presenting the outcomes of the first two phases to the public. As such, Members held fruitful exchanges on the step-by-step document on secure development lifecycle and agreed on their next webinar topic.

Principle 8 Taskforce “Transparency and response”

P8 Members initiated the next steps of the taskforce for the second half of 2022 at the Collaboration Week, including work on the NIS 2 directive and the mapping of international cyber regulations. The Collaboration Week was a great success in resolving pending issues and engaging in the next steps of the taskforce.

Principles 2 and 6 “Responsibility throughout the supply chain” and “education”

The Supply Chain Taskforce came together in break-out groups, building upon the discussions from a previous workshop in Munich, Germany in May 2022. The Members agreed on next steps, including harmonizing questionnaires for supplier assessments, aiming to pilot the project by the end of the year.

Advocacy & Communications Taskforce

The advocacy and communications experts of the Charter of Trust gathered to exchange on how to better grow awareness externally among policymakers, regulators and stakeholders to promote harmonisation of regulatory requirements and recognition of Charter of Trust initiatives, with a view to delivering driving changes.

Associated Partner Forum

After formally introducing the Brazilian Centre for International Relations (CEBRI), the Associated Partner Forum hosted an open discussion round on cybersecurity policy and the digital dimension of escalating international conflicts. In a context where war does not happen only on battlefields, representatives shared how internationally escalating conflicts have affected their institutions, how they have learned to adapt and what the main consequences for international cyber policy and cyber diplomacy could be. The Associated Partners also received an update on the work of various Taskforces.


The Charter of Trust looks forward to making the discussed changes happen in the coming months. We therefore invite you to stay tuned for additional contributions and events to further advance the synergetic nature of the initiative!